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About Moonlife Global

Our Goals is…

Our goal is to transform people’s lives by providing high quality health food products and business opportunities as an independent distributor in the whole world.

Mr. Adam Malik (President)

Adam Malik used to be an engineer in the IT department. During his working experience was made all the knowledge related to IT become an easy thing for him. With Adam Malik’s attitude to solve a problem makes him a successful person.

After working as an IT engineer, Adam Malik turned his career towards into networking business. With the experience he had while on duty, he was able to attract many people to join multilevel network marketing.

He also managed to generate money with this networking business with very encouraging value. This is because he earn up to 5 to 6 figures a month. Due to his achievements and his attitude of solving many difficult part, Adam Malik established in many industry he was joined or created. – About Moonlife Global

Mr. Arfan (Production Manager & IT Support)

Arfan Malek was 9 years of experience in the health product industry.

Over the past few decades, Arfan Malek has evolved from a role primarily focused on logistics to a position that is becoming increasingly vital in the overall success of a company. This evolution is best illustrated by a timeline of a product manager’s career.

I’ve always wanted to be in the health and wellness business. I try to encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle. – Afran Malek – (About Moonlife Global)

Mr. Yakoob & Mr. Chen Huang (IT Department)

There was experience of almost 10 years on System Development involving Government & Private sector.

The development of a Moonlife MLM System involves many stages of design, implementation, testing, deployment, operation, maintenance, reconstruction, and decommissioning.

While each of these stages has its own significance and contribution, the Moonlife is a harmonious combination of all these stages. – Mr. Yakoob & Mr. Chen Huang – (About Moonlife Global)

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